Thursday, September 22

night shift

my goodness this is boring at times.

working in the psych ward is fun ... but not when you don't see no clients for the entire shift ... However, it does give one a few moments to gather one's thought and make a random website up for the helluvitt.

I have no intention of making this a site whereby I talk about myself all the time. I'm hoping for constant inspiration to make this site helluva lot more creative ... but since I haven't really been webbing for quite a long time and am a bit out of touch with what the F^%* goes on websites then it'll be some time before this inspiration comes.

At the moment I live in Alice Springs ... when you look at the big map of Australia on my wall, it would seem that Alice is in the middle of nowhere ... a GREAT place to dump nuclear waste when Canberra just won't do. I have lived here for eight months or so now and I have gotten used to the place names and the deceptiveness of the distances so much that I have forgotten that I used to think of the outback like that. I've even drawn in the little bits all over the place on one map which, I realise now, is boody useless ... there are thousands of communities and whatnot all over the joint ... though I think the Simpson desert is just a desert with not much to interupt it ... other than the random camel trek to Birdsville, Qld, via Poeppel's corner.

The Alice is nestled amongst the Macdonnell ranges ... so every day when I jump on me little bicicletta and tottle off to work, I'm greeted by the majesticly crumbling walls that surround the world ... the best is the morning when you come round the corner to face the ranges as the sun slowly slides down them.

It's September now and the weather is warming up slowly. The air is bone dry so it's actually quite pleasant still. Days of 32-35 degrees. You have to drink like a trooper because the air is so dry that the sweat doesn't even have time to feel moist on your skin before it is whisked off to become one with the occasional cloud in the sky ... if you don't drink, then you quickly feel quite tired.

Out the western road, Namatjira Drive, is the most beautiful stretch of road I think I know of ... though I consider my Australian education still in its infancy. Rolling hills, rocks, ridges, eucalypts and mulgas, grass and shrubs, gorges and waterholes, riverbeds and creekbeds ... Mt Sonder looking sombrely at your approach from the East.

Down the Ross Hwy to the East of Alice the road changes from quietly pretty to spectacularly stunning ... it'd a shame to be the driver, have to keep your eyes on the road maybe that's why there's so many rollovers here.

Down 4-wheel-only tracks, off the sealed ones, you'll find out-of-the-way waterholes with less tourists and solitude. If you find a rocky alcove you can sit there and just listen to nothing until the sun tips so far to the west that you shiver in your jocks.

Out the gap there are claypans which we lie in for our beauty treatment for weeks after a splash after a rain. For some reason the water likes it there and stays for a while, all chocolate thick and soothing.

come visit me, 'snot as empty as the map looks.

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