Saturday, January 13

2007 is already turning brown

Fruit-cake the earth is warm these days ... have you noticed?

Perhaps not in the North ... but I haven't been there lately.

I apologise for not having written in this space for some time ... but I have been ever so busy at work and preparing for upcoming nuptials. This week in fact, how bizarre ... can't wait.

Reading Steppenwolf by Hesse ... charming little thing he is - And in less than six months I shall be a fully qualificado nurse specialising in psychiatric mental health. These last two interesting pieces of information may appear to have very little to do with each other but let me ASSURE you that if someone who calls themselves the "Wolf of the Steppes" doesn't have a somewhat gradiose flavour to their presentation then I'm a little bunny rabbit about to be run down by a road-train on the Plenty Highway nearby to one of the remotest bunch of sand-dunes on planet earth ... so there.

Don’t you climb those tin-roof dunes
Don’t you fall -> suburban doom.

Don’t you keep that frame of mind
you just can’t live the wishing life.

Please don’t sew synthetic seams
Don’t believe those t.v. dreams

don’t fly too high your wings will melt

don’t bring it in too low you’ll drown.

photo - the garlic harvest at the Permaforest Trust, Dec '05

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