Tuesday, February 20

nukular freebie

Alice Springs recently voted to Not be a nuclear free town … isn’t that fan-friggin’-tastic news.

Time for us to leave I reckon … I was looking at this map that I have below that I stole from somewhere but can’t remember where from … and that map shows how close the deposits at Pamela and Angela, Orange Creek should really be called Yellow Creek. And they’re only 2-3 k’s away from East Side … and they’ll soon be trucking into town and getting shipped off to Johnny’s enrichment plant somewhere else and then taken to France and fuck knows where else to get turned into toxic shit that is nothing but poison … why not leave the yellow cake caked by the sun in the ground and solar panel Alice Springs instead of spending 20 million dollars moving the noise-making fossil-fuel run power plant. Why is it that non-consuming, cheap methods of creating power are canned because they don’t keep the economy going … why is the solar-water-heating system on my roof not connected and we’re paying ridiculous amounts of money to pay for the electric system which uses up fuel in the noisy power site that will cost 20 million dollars to move because it bothers the rich people who live near the golf-course that requires amazing amounts of water to keep it green in this ridiculously sunny capital of Central Australia that doesn’t use solar power!!!!!!

There … that’s out of my system. Not much else in the way of news but I thought I’d direct your attention to a couple of facts …

1 – I have no news.


2 – I have attempted to embark upon a quest to write about nothing whist making reference to many things that might perhaps be construed as news items … but alas I am not a journalist.

3 – I bought that Pivot album because I once or twice met Richard Pike when he went out with a friend of mine in Sydney and I was curious about his music … his brother Lawrence Pike is a bloody guru on the drums … I witnessed his prowess once at the Excelsior Hotel at one of those JazzGroove nights in my city-bound days and thought so then. It seems he is able to turn his hand to rock grooves … though of course they aren’t as groovy as his jazz-grooves or organic but they are the root from which the intensity of Pivot grows from.

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