Friday, August 10

sounds odd


I have been very very busy scooting in and out of places - Dalhousie Springs was toastie-warm ... if you need your fingers to turn into prunes for medicinal reasons then I can't recommend any better place ... if you're coming from the Eastern states just head for Birdsville and turn left and you're there! It's THAT simple.

New interview with Matt Levinson for Cyclic Defrost here.

There's a nice little festival of soundscapes named Sounds Unusual that I shall partake in coming to Alice Springs in the coming months as an aside to the Desert Festival.

There'll be a taster at an exhibition opening on Friday the 31st at Watch This Space at which I shall reveal my axe-wielding skills.

Then I'll be a-playing at J-Bird's place out the back of Watch This Space on the evening of Wednesday the 19th on the Improv night.

see you there ... YAY!

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