Saturday, September 8

Watch This Space

Fritag night I had the opportunity to play at the Sounds Unusual taster night at the Watch This Space art gallery across the train tracks in Alice Springs. Organised by the inimitable Rob Curgenven

I am tzping on a German lass`s kezboard so if there is any typos then it ainät my fault.
I have to admit that this is the first time in quite a while that i have played in front of a largish crowd and the effects of the adrenalin have still to wear off. Photos below by the sexy and wonderful Nadine Kessler.

Andrew Nichols & J9 Stanton

Myself as boy Brightlulb (my protective alter-ego)

Also Rob & Penelope played (but are not as easily located in my picture file.

As an aside I highly recommend the LP (cd ... whatever you want) of Steve Reich`s Triple Quartet. There is the most interesting version of 1967`s Violin Phase done on electric guitar by Dominic Frasca. Surpassing this is the transendental Music for Large Ensemble, executed by Alarm Will Sound and Ossia. There is also a lesson to be had regarding the true use of counterpoint in Tokyo/Vermont Counterpoint which is played on a MIDI marimba and sounds bloody amazing. The Triple Quartet itself is played by the invincible Kronos Quartet in such a swathe of driven zest and precision that you may find youself staring at the speakers in wrapture ... ha.


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