Thursday, July 3


Just saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ... should have known Spielbergo's fetish for aliens would ruin a potentially decent flick ... I liked the flesh-eating ants though, nice touch.

I'm currently in Ulaan Bataar, capital of the Mongolian People's Republic ... the other night there was a riot ... and now there is a curfew! It only takes a few rotters to stuff it up for all of us, bastards.

Nadine and myself have ridden our bicycles very far in this very very unbitumised country (is that a word) ... and now we have very very very sore arses and tomorrow we fly back to mumsy and dadsy's house to recuperate and moisturise.

I shall return to the very nice place of The Old Bar, Johnston Street Fitzroy, on 14th of July ... please come for I shall have nice backup from the ethereal Seth Rees and the charming Lehmann Smith, they are both nice boys and we would lurve your company.

ciao ciao darlings

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