Friday, January 16


It has been a long time since I properly wrote something tangibly delusional on this website ... but I just discovered the desire to do so again ... I have been homebrewing, moving house, changing seasons for sometime now ... and as of today I no longer have to live out of a suitcase - which is terribly exciting.

I discovered there are varieties of Hops (for beer brewing) that are called fuggles. This automatically makes me think of a bad habit that youngsters nowadays and wayward adults have of conjoining the words "f#*&^#g" and "ugly" to come up with the word "fugly". Apart from the usual uproar such a rude title might bring about in civilised society, I believe that this derogatory name is wholly undeservingly bestowed upon the humble hop. The very hop that allows us to balance out the sweetness of a brewed beer with the more subtle bitterness that is intrinsic to the plant and has allowed us a more rounded, balanced and smooth flavouring in our cool and refreshing summer beverage .... our warming winter beverage ... and the other beverage that we drink in other seasons too ... namely the two others that I have not managed to mention as of yet - Spring and Autumn.

I do hope that with your help ... we can rectify the situation by OFFICIALLY changing the name. I hope to set up a facebook page and/or group ... not sure which way to go on that one just yet.

In the meantime - you can all just sign your names in the comments section at the bottom of this blog if you agree with me and when I get over three thousand names I shall present it to the Australian government. We will petition them to go to Oxford to have the name irrevocably revoked from their influential dictionary. Hopefully with this course of action, despite a significant lack of strict language-purity laws in the English speaking world, the influence of the Oxford dictionary will help to eradicate this ghastly name from our failing language and bestow our true gratitude upon this loveliest of plants, which will be remembered daily in the language of our day, henceforth.


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