Tuesday, December 8

Kinda Creepy

A good mate just sent me a christmas card with a picture of Saint Niklaus on the front smiling in his belligerently annoying way with the words "Kind creepy" pixilated underneath.

too true.

the Australian Summer creeps down from the North way down here to the South. I used to live in Alice Springs ... I know that it's already topped 4000 degrees there the other day ... Hobart has cool mornings for a nice comfortable scoot to work on your bike along the train-track bike-path. They had an article in the mockery about making a light-rail tram thingo on those tracks to get from Hobart to past Claremont or something ... if it ever happens that'd make getting to Moorilla a lot easier. 18 view-filled minutes on a tram and then .... VIOLA!! Art-a-rama.

I don't know why Hobartians don't just ride bikes up the path ... and then ... VIOLA!! Art-a rama.

When the museum of a million dollars opens next year of course. At the moment it's still just riding along the bike track and then VIOLA!! Cadbury factory Choc-a-rama ... which doesn't make for a nice ride back into town.

In other news - we have a loganberry bush that produces LOGANS THE SIZE OF A BABY'S HEAD!! One berry fills a few jars ... of course the bush only grows two or three berries a season.


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