Wednesday, January 20

DWT @ MOFO 2010!!


I'll be fuggered.

The performaces that I done with Anthony Magen at MOFO were great fun
... the format was exhausting - a bit.

I was a titch delirium tremens after three 20min performaces in 2 hours ... twice.

I must admit that I was a touch nervous in the beginning of the workshop that I gave about inspiration, landscapes and soundscapes ... but once I read out Jen's poem and the audience started asking questions - including the dickhead front-right - it all started to gel a teensy bit and I was more in me element.

Yesterday I was on ABC radio in Hobart on Rick Goddard's show from 2:00pm. They have a much nicer studio than the Edge Radio one ... it has see-through windows into the next 3 rooms ... which seems a touch fancy-pants ... and a room (which I was in) which is for sound-recording etc ... verrrry nice! Played a couple of ditties on the spot and spoke with Rick himself.

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