Monday, March 15


ROIL came to Hobart on Saturday ...

A month or so ago I got a text from Harper saying
"You want a support on the 13th of March"
and I thoughts to meself ...
"hmmm ... "
I thoughts
"hmmm ... probly the Brisbane again ...
A bit sick of playing there ... not quite my cuppa tea"
I thoughts ...
but then I thoughts
"NARRRR, whatthe fark!! I'll do it, could be fun"
So I text
"Sure, who for, what time? and why for?"
Harper texts back
"8pm at Peacock Theatre, ROIL"
I thinks to meself
"ROIL? hmmmmm"
I keep on thinking
"Roil??? ... "
penny drops
"Oh, Chris Abrahams plays with them ... "
"Hey, Harper - sure fucking thing!!"
"One fucking thing though"
"Can you stop me from stealing Chris Abraham's undies and makin' a dick o' meself?"

Top gig.
Top group.
Mike and James were tops too.
I didn't make a dick o meself.

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