Wednesday, April 21

The Long Weekend - font sample page

Here's a random page which Nadine and I have been using to decide upon which fonts to use. This is one font from an American font company called "face front" ... not being that confident in the worlds of fonts I have enlisted the wise and worldly knowledge of Nadine Kessler, she's a font of knowledge ... it's still a strange learning curve for me. There's some more interesting comic fonts here.

You can click on this page for a larger picture ... panel 8 is completely un-inked: I got lazy and since I was just going to use this page to test for fonts I thought it wasn't so important ... though looking at it now, unfinished is sooooo unsatisfying ... even if I have no intention of using it for the final product.

I do intend to use this layout for the final product, this page belongs to the "epilogue" at the end of the long weekend, where Craig's words meander off into obscurity and darkness ...

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