Monday, July 19

My life UP until now

Here's the synopsis ... ummmm, hmmm.

Blogging seems to be a skill that I have lost, I am unsure as to why. Is it possible to lose your blog-mojo ... your Blogojo?

The problem is that I have such a diverse life that the Collossal Adjective has lost it's specific meaning - I could blog about growing truckloads of vegetable matter in my backyard ... I could blog about my bizarre workplace ... but I don't think you'd understand ... no offence - I don't mean you specifically, I just mean every person I try to explain it to doesn't understand ... and I don't mean that in "Oh why does the world misunderstand me so much" kind of way ... I KNOW why the world misunderstands me ... it's because I work in community forensic mental health in Tasmania. I could also blog about my music ... but although I have lately completely changed my direction into new and abstract forms ... which I think is terribly exciting ... the problem about blogging about it all is that it's all so terribly abstract that I don't know what to write about. I could blog about my brewing wines and beers ... actually that's a GREAT topic - a friend just gave me a pressie for my 30th which was a book about brewing sacred beers with herbs and weeds from various parts of the planet ... sooooo cool. I could also blog about my comic drawing ... but similarly to my brewing ... by the time I've actually got something completed which is worth writing about ... I'm so far into the process that even talking about it seems like old news ... I could also talk about home-renovations ... but there's lots of that on the net ... I don't think I have anything new to add to the world except for my witty banter about not having anything to mention.

Incidentally ... I just bought two new CDs that I am terribly chuffed about and I think that the world should know about my attitude as it may just influence you strongly to go out and buy these damn round pieces of plastic joyness. The first was Laurie Anderson's "HOMELAND" which is freaking AWESOME!! The second is PVT (formerly Pivot until they got threatened with legal action by a band called Pivot ... so they cleverly became slysdexic - top move boys), their album is called "Church with no magic" and it's a little challenging for rock ... which I am certain means that it is a classic ... it'll just take about twenty more listens before I get on their wavelength and then WAMMO!! I'll be hooked for life.

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