Friday, December 24

Jordan Lint

I bought the comic - "Jordan Lint" which is number 20 in the "ACME Novelty Library" by the most amazing Chris Ware from Chicago.

This man has the most amazing technique for telling stories that I have seen in a long while. I had read all of the Jimmy Corrigan series with avid interest but it appears that he's taken even more leaps and bounds in his layouts. The entire of Jordan Lint is sequences of scenes from an entire life and the layouts are crafted which such care that they almost mimic the way in which we remember scenes ourselves. It was a true work of art.

As for the story itself - I absolutely hated the character and almost didn't finish the book at all.

What is it with amazing artists insisting on making me feel revolted?
That "Blankets" guy - SAME BLOODY THING!! Beautiful art - torrid story.


In MY comic - I made the brave decision to just do my own lettering.
It was quite liberating actually. Last week we had three special guest-stars staying in our house - Jenny Hval and her band from Norway - Havard Volden (with an "o" above the first "a") and Kyrre Laastad. They were touring with Laura Jean, a musician that Nadine and I both love. So on the morning of their departure from the island, we all had breakfast together at Salamanca and Laura was talking with her friend Chris about how becoming too precious about recording can ruin the spirit of the music and it can sound overworked - a phenomenon that affects lots of areas of life, not just creativity. Immediately after this conversation I realised that I have been allowing myself to agonise over aspects of the comic and I need to just get the bloody thing started!!

So thanks Laura Jean - you're the greatest!

Establishing legibility is a thing to pay attention to before inking your letters.

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