Thursday, March 24


Here's an old rough from The Long Weekend. I spent a smashing weekend in Victoria at camp Chugnut with a bunch of mad ol' comic artists.

Thanks to Pat Grant for letting me borrow his gorgeous old one speed bike with reverse pedal breaks to get from Lilydale Station along the Warburton Rail Trail to get to the camp ... and for the smashing conversation along the way ... and back again when we were both drained of all energy after a killer weekend.

I got to meet Mandy Ord, which I was quietly excited by since I had just been sent her book Rooftops, by Bernard Caleo, the book was really great! Her drawing style was awesome but - as always - the thing that always grabs me is storytelling. She has a great voice in writing! Which was beautifully megaphoned by her panels. It was a little like watching a film, with her constant panel-size and tops action through the streets of Melbourne that I know so well having grown up there (almost made me sentimental about my hometown ... almost, not quite there ... give me a few more years away from the overcrowded city).

There's a chugnut blog somewhere with some images from various folks who attended, photos, drawings, and most importantly - SEQUENTIAL ART!!! COMIXXX.

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