Thursday, September 22

The Surveyor General's Corner

Here's a photo of one of the markers that're at the corner of the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia.

There's actually two markers, the first one was in the wrong place by about ten metres ... a bit of a stuff up ... so they did their maths right and put another one in the right spot ... and then they put this one (in the picture) there ... which has a plaque on it, but there's a slight mistake that I noticed on the plaque

... can you see where the problem lies?

Here's another photo of my placing my bottom on the Surveyor General's Corner plaque and doing a wee fart to let him know that I don't think much of his work and that he shouldn't have been given the position of Surveyor General to the Queen, her Majesty, if he can't work out that W.A. should be on the large side of the plaque, not N.T. ... though perhaps some smart-arse Territorian with an oxy-welder came along to have a picnic one day and assert the right of the outback's lonely picnic area policy of tomfoolery.

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Rob said...

No, the marker is correct, its the borders that are wrong. The WA border doesn't actually run in a straight line north to south. The WA/NT border is actually 127 metres further west than the WA/SA border. So there is a short east-west border between the southwest corner of NT and the tri-state point. The marker you show correctly has the Northern Territory occupying half the plate, with the horizontal line running east-west.

Just to the west you will find another marker showing the corner of NT, which shows one quarter of the pie as NT and three-quarters as WA (although some wiseguy has tried to "correct" it to show SA, which it shouldn't). Pic of it here: