Saturday, June 3

a new thing

unfortunately ... I have a propensity to garner help from people who have no way of helping me when it comes to making a CD ... I can't get to a damn computer with a mixing program on it ...

in healthier news -

I have a gig at the Settlers Cottage out of the gap Saturday night, 3rd June at around 10pm at Jamnesia (changed venues) ... hope it works well and it ain't too cold for me fingers to move along a squeaky fretboard ... but I shan't fret.

In other news ... I have a new myspace website at the behest of a friend who shall remain nameless ... I shall stick some Brightlulb music on there to download in mp3 formattage.

and my neck is better now ... Steve the chiro is a GOD! Larapinta drive ... he's very serious but there's humour there somewhere.

This is a fat ol' ghost gum,
photo by Jerome Santospirito

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