Monday, June 12

Soothsayer stuff

future projects -

2008 - I shall be hopefully touring in a couple of places in Europe in the first half of 2008: I will hopefully play in Berlin solo and also with Robert Curgenven (Aus). Oslo, Norway, with the wonderful Rockettothesky who is a native there.

After these wonderful events I shall be relocating from central australia to Hobart, Tasmania, where I hope to drop some of my extra-curricular activities and move onto more interesting planes of existence.

Conceptually speaking of course, I'd like to eventually figure out some minor opus stuff for myself ... I'd dig mixing classical and acoustic funk. Some form of fusion ... once upon a time I was a bit of mahavishnu orchestra fan so you'll have to forgive the wankiness of all of this. I'd like to create a sweeping piece that takes the listener on some wonderful ride the likes of which they've never experienced before .... wow, sounds good doesn't it? The beginnings of such an endeavour has already been undertaken ... it involves an E ... another E except higher up ... a D and an A bending towards a Bb ... nice hey? Needs a little work.

Also thinking of setting up a musical collective for extraneous-to-the-mainstream music ... perhaps silly stuff. This may include anyone from anywhere on the planet since I reckon we can send music back and forth between groups and we can all add stuff over the top just to see what comes out at the end ... or the middle ... or any other point between the close and the far end of the string. Any takers? e-mail me

Other future projects for the boy Brightlulb involve him getting married to his girlfriend - the gorgeous, warm, sexy and wonderfully passionate Nadine Kessler ... getting some rental house somewhere and holing up for the winter.


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