Friday, September 15

people in the middle of nowhere

When I first went to university I had two tute classes and one lecture a week ....
Brendan Nelson ... then education minister, fired half the tutors and and left me with two lectures, and one tute a week ... significant difference in my experience of learning. I learnt that professional politicians didn't give a rat's bottom about keeping the voters intelligent ... considering most of them smarmy bastards received an excellent free education I find that a bit rich.

Now I find an interview transcript where the smarmy bastard said -
"why on earth can’t people in the middle of nowhere have low-level and intermediate level waste?"

... the smarmy bastard ...

why the hell should we accept it just because people in Sydney are too stupid to realise that Lucas Heights holds 2'000 cubic metres of intermediate waste and all their children's children's children will have four heads.

or perhaps just one demonic looking head like me mate Jen below ... on her new album cover ... available October the 2ooth.

go here please ... thankyou.

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