Friday, December 14

December's tripping dates - the plan as it stands!

I shall be going to the PITLANDS for my first adventure there which will be most exciting. Straight after that I shall be driving from Alice to Melbourne ... I haven't driven along that stretch of the Stuart since I first came to Alice three years ago this summer.

GIG - at Bar 303 on the 30th of December after 8pm! Be square -> be there!

Then, upon returning (by road again) to the Alice I shall be whizzing out to the W.A. border to embark upon a Mental Health First Aid course as the instructor for some youth workers in the remote Aboriginal communities of Kintore, Papunya, Mt Liebig and beautiful Haast's Bluff. How adventurous will be the next few months!!! Do you care? perhaps not ... but I do not mind if you do not care ... for your caring mattereth not to my enjoyment of mine adventurousness.

After that I'll begin the plan of the packing of the house and the moving stuff to Melbourne before Nadine and I drive BACK down the South road via Port Augusta (perhaps I'll try and organise a gig in Adelaide) on the way home to Melbourne (where I'll try to have some gigs) late Feb or early March 2008 ... then I'll be whizzing via Seoul to Zurich and then have a gig in Oslo, Norwegia with Rockettothesky and maybe in Berlin in May ...

catching a slow-train on the B.A.M. to Irkutsk and then to Ulaan Bataar to ride our butts off on the rough roads of Mongoloidia!! How cool ...

perhaps return and move to Taswegia to become Hobartians, settle down and grow a garden in the place that all global warming models suggest is better off than most other joints.


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