Thursday, November 29

The Collossal Adjectivo

Today I'd like to start a musical community that will help eachother in times of dire need ...

a charity, if you will allow the term.

This charity hopes to link people up for the purposes of organising mutually beneficial tours in towns and cities that are not your own ...

allow me to explain ->

Jonno Blogs comes from Austin Texas ... and he would love to tour in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia ... a charming regional centre with all the dribs and drabs of modernity that any self respecting musician would love to play in. He hooks up with Micko Rider the local misfit oufit that plays experimental, beautiful and daring music to an unsuspecting but adoring sub-culture that would probably also adore Jonno Blogs's unusual brand of whistful head-banging lullabyes which are per-culiar only unto himself. They hook up on the net ... get to know eachother and have a magnificent gig ... (or shit ... some gigs are shit ... it's true) ...

ANYWAY - they get along well and decide that when Micko Rider wants to stut his sexy arsey stuff in front of a Texan crowd -> he can ride alongside his good friend who will introduce him to a whole new way of LIFE!!!

Sound good ... ?

then go into the rabbit-hole my good friends -> right .... here!!
PS - photo by Robert Bayer on our trip to the Bungles in '06
New gig news -> check the Giggage section on the right-hand bar. mwah!

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