Sunday, November 9

black man

man, what a week ...

um, I haven't ranted in quite some time: perhaps I have nothing to rant on/about. I have recently been making a lot of homemade beers: a couple from kits - a stout and a draught; and also I'm now fermenting some leatherwood honey beer from a recipe that I found in a great book on wine-making and beer making ... and I've been doing the ol' non alcoholic ginger beer - fizzy goodness. If you want any recipes, just let me know. 

I am yeast man - I have a sourdough on the window-sill named Reginald ... which Nadine put to good use, I have a ginger beer started called Gerry to keep him company, the shed is filled with bottlos and I shall be pickled in Hobart very soon. 

The weater is fine, and I shall start to decide what I'm doing with music very soon ... what is it with the ants in Hobart??? 


live in Hobart - 24/10/2008

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