Saturday, December 6


Settling into the new hometown of HOBART. It really is quite warm ... and strawberries are cheap so we tried our hands at Strawberry Wine ... looks nice on the mantel - I recommend playing with Yeast.

I`ll be hosting a new Radio show on Edge Radio starting on sunday the 7th of December 

99.3fm in Hobart
or Stream it from

Focusing on the history and the present state of experimental/fringe/unusual/genreless musicians and their art. 

In other news - I`ll be playing at 6a Artist Run Initiative in North Hobart on Friday the 12th from 7pm ... also other bands, experimental films ... bring your own stools ... woohoo.

AND - last but certainly not least I`m involved in a collaboration with Nadine Kessler in the container project down at the wharf in Hobart at the Taste Festival. On the 28th of December at the beginning of the Taste of Tasmania - just when the boats are coming in for the Sydney to Hobart. Come and join in!!


The interactive culture

By Nadine Kessler & Joshua Santospirito

Culture is created by many individuals who help to shape and form it over time, it is a constantly shifting environment in which we make our emotional, physical and mental homes. Through a constant process of responding to the ideas produced around us in the human environment we learn to navigate our way through it.

The shipping container is filled with newsprint sheets, textured and coloured paper on the walls and hanging from suspended ropes. Moving images and words will light the space using a visual projector. Music/Sound will be improvised by Josh with willing audience members, constantly reacting to the slowly evolving environment. Passers by will be invited to respond by writing their emotions, thoughts, scribbles and artwork upon paper and pinning them on the walls and upon suspended string throughout the space. Observers are drawn into the process of interacting with a dynamic environment through sight, sound and touch, becoming observers no more! Thus simulating the processes of cultural development.

Over four hours the space will be continually changing with more and more colour, stimulation, chaos and activity. An observer who steps out at one point will return later to a familiar but changed landscape.



Nadine Kessler has lived in Australia for four years. She grew up in Germany near the Swiss and French borders and studied visual communication in Basel, Switzerland. She is now a freelance graphic designer whose passion is playing with typography, exhibition design and is particularly interested in cross cultural interactions. Joshua Santospirito is a musician interested in improvisational and experimental music. He performs under the name of Drive West Today and has played throughout Australia over the last few years. In early 2008 Josh performed in Berlin, Germany. Nadine and Josh spent three years living in Alice Springs, being challenged by intercultural issues and work environments, and have now settled in Tasmania.

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