Friday, December 12

This culture of background noise

This is a newish kind of age where newish kind of music hits the availability levels of NEVER-BEFORE ... and yet somehow our neurons in our head like to travel along the same neuron paths that they've always travelled along. Perhaps a little like jumping on the internet and always going to Yahoo! for information ... instead of ... well-I-don't-know ... somewhere else (... is there somewhere else??)

So we continue to buythe music that gives us the quick fix because it already fits in our brains ... everything else is a little too much to take right now, it may take a while for me to get my head around that and ... by the time I get to work and back for dinner, another thirteen fortnights it's already June and wintery in the southern capitals of the world and there's a new candy-popped piece of candy-pop available at the top of the coca-cola isle in the HMV mega store that'll make me feel sweet in the background at dinner time ... perhaps my husband might say something romantic if his ears are being sweetly whiplashed by big-hipped, long-lashed Sasha Fierce or staring at the candy-popped-crotch jewel-cover of Xtina in her cowboy gear sitting on the stereo.

Maybe we should watch SBS tonight? Check out the Italian news ...

ahhh, Silvio and his bevy of beauties.

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