Tuesday, August 9

The Shipwright and the Banshee

Just to add a touch more tease to what Chris Downes and I have been up to in preparation for Sound to Light on August the 20th at the Long Gallery (upstairs at the Salamanca Arts Centre) -

We've been moulding this little baby for months now - It will involve sound and music by in accompaniment to Chris drawing. It will be a ghost story based in little ol' Tasmania (anyone who knows Chris well enough knows that ghost stories are his speciality).

There's a preview pic up on the sound to light website for youse to check out.

I heard that R Crumb has pulled out of "Graphic" at the Syd Opera House due to some bad press. That ain't right at all!! Outraged comic fans - protest against the Murdoch press and boycott Sydney altogether and just come down to Hobart on that weekend!!

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