Saturday, August 20

The Shipwright and the Banshee was a blast!

Chris Downes and I have just this night completed the WORLD PREMIERE of this fine production at the Second Sound To Light night at the Long Gallery (Salamanca Arts Centre in old Hobart town). Ours was by far the most "analogue" looking performance of the night - the rest entailing lots of digital works, some amazing programming by some local artists, my faves being Jordan Marson and Matt Warren's piece which was a gut-twistingly loud feeback session with a projection of a arena stadium set, and a beautiful work by Tonya Meyrick and Matthew Dewey involving lots of mirrors which twisted projected light which was in the room off to the side of the Long Gallery.

Our performance entailed Chris drawing with oil crayon things up on huge sheets of paper, the two main protagonists of our woeful tale - the young shipwright and his bane the moaning Banshee. I produced and played live the music for the piece on guitars and my gorgeous ol' electric organ, projected up on the big screen was the writing of the story, written in 4-line stanzas as written by Chris.

Had some absolutely awesome feedback from the audience ... one person said it was Shmick!! Two ladies told Chris that it was amazingly incredible (or something to that effect) ... numerous people have decided to believe that we based the story on a local ghost story ... which of COURSE is 100% true! It's just one that no one has heard before.

Chris drawings were superb, absolutely suberb! Hopefully I can get my hands on some of the photos and put them up here. Nadine Kessler was great enough to film the performance and I believe that Chris will put it up on the web sometime in the very near future for your kind perusal.

Picture by the wonderful - Chris Downes

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John Retallick said...

Sounds great guys. Looking forward to seeing a video of it.