Wednesday, October 19

Plots within plans

One must always have projects ... if one does not ... one gets a little fed up with things. Mental sanity is a fragile thing when one works five days a week, Monday to Friday.
I am constantly juggling numerous plans with a view to keeping myself occupied.

  • I am continuing my comic - I have put up pages 1-13 on the web now, you can read them HERE.

  • I continue to look for new and exciting places for Drive West Today to play in ... I have no gigs lined up for certain ... but I'm working on it, not just in Tassie, looking to play in Melbourne and Sydney and Brisbane again one week soon ... and Basel, Zurich, Berlin, Milan etc.

  • I am in long-term discussions with my partner in crime Chris Downes for further developments of the performance we did in August this year.

  • I am growing veggies with Nadine ... and fighting off snails.

  • Nadine and I are slowly revolutionising our house ... slowly.

  • Trying organise a regular night in Hobart for improv/noise etc with a couple of comrades.

  • ummm, that'll keep me occupied I think.

Things one forgets to do when one is too focused on plans and plots to keep oneself occupied.

  • Stop and smell the roses.

  • Enjoy the sun.

  • Go for a walk.

  • Enjoy a beer with a mate.

It's a delicate balance people, don't forget it!

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