Tuesday, October 4

Weather is changing yet again

So I don't tend to blog as much as I used to ... but that doesn't bother me so much.
I haven't got much on at the moment so there's not much to talk about, just beavering away at my comic when I get a second ... which is not often.

Though I did play two gigs on the weekend - the Inflight gig on Friday which I organised - a top success, people hung around and the gallery setting seemed to give the whole thing a great focus with the audience really coming to listen. I was an oddly shaped performance space but it seemed to work pretty well. You wouldn't want more than 30 or so people at one moment in there though.

The other gig was up at the Grand Poobah at the new front room they have called the Swamp Art Compostery which was put together by Aiden Howlett and some other bloke who's name I don't know. Quite a fun space that want to start having music at the same time as the Poobah Bazaar is on in the other room, a nice little market. Not too many people, so I just played a lot more loosely than I would normally, got to see my neighbour's baby crawling across the floor to my music ... well, I think my music was a little incidental to his awareness to be honest. Hopefully, as time goes on, the Poobah gig picks up and more people come on a Sunday afternoon. I think it's once a month.

The weather's warming and I reckon I'll spend more time in the garden as I plot my next musical adventure. We are thinking of heading to Germany, Switzerland and possibly Northern Italy next year so perhaps I shall be checking out the possibility of having a few concerts over there, perhaps around June.

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