Friday, December 23


Well ... I just did a quick survey of 2011 ... it feels like it was quiet year for Drive West Today concerts but I still managed to squeeze in about 10 concerts which seems to be my average over the last 5 years or so. In fact - that means I've now done over 50 concerts in that outfit ... which sounds like a big number doesn't it!

  • 2012 is looking interesting with projects both musical and visual with
    Taking part in an Opera in January in Hobart ... can't say more ... perhaps afterwards.

  • A concert at the Forest Festival in February where I'll perform a once-off composition for the Tassie forest.

  • At some point in the year I shall be accompanying my beautiful wife Nadine on her fellowship trip to Boisbuchet in France so she can attend a design workshop of some description ... I'm going to hang out, eat camembert and probably draw comics ... might see if I can get to Paris and meet David B ... and then fawn all over him ... with poor French skills.

  • Plans in the wings for another collaborative production with the wonderful Chris Downes for a comics/theatre crossover ... stayed tuned for that later in 2012.

  • My graphic novel is more than half complete ... the full first chaper can be read online here at Joshua Santospirito Art, if you like what you read you'll hopefully like it even more when I get it in print ( that is, after all, how it's designed to be read ... not on a computer screen ).

  • Late in the year I'm going to be doing a fairly massive comics-exhibition in Hobart which should keep me occupied for some time.

  • So - I'm liking the lookie of 2012 ... I shall be telling you all about my creative pursuits when the appropriate moments come up ... in the meantime - enjoy Summer (if you're in Australia) and enjoy Winter (if you're in a Northern part of the planet).

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