Sunday, February 19


I'm finished on the medical ward as of tomorrow night ... then I'm off for a bloody well-earned holiday in Melbourne and Sydney ... exit planet dust!

ahhh, the big cities of Australia ... where you can stare at the billions of suited-up sallow-faced delighted dead-eyed eye-ballers on the trams, trains and let's not forget automobiles ... cars ... as far as the eye can see

hundreds of kilometres of beautiful ... sparkling ... CONCRETE!!!

I can't wait!

If anyone is interested click on rockettothesky ... this is my mate Jen who will soon be very very famous ... in Norway that is ... and I, by association, will also be famous in Norway.

Please email her and tell her to move back to Australia and be just as famous here ... and then, if I have this right, I also will be famous in Australia as well as Norway ... hmmm, yes, I like this! Please do email her.

She makes music that is well worth the listen ... she recently got reasonable airplay on JJJ in Australia in the band Folding For Air ... the band disbanded ... and folded ... broke up that is ... because the silly girl went home to Oslo when she should be back here making me famous!


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