Tuesday, February 28


the hometown ... hasn't changed much but appears to have changed in subtle and disorienting ways ...

they changed the name of Spencer Street Station to something incredibly boring and generic ... I wonder about the Australian ability to make everything sound so bland ... I always wanted Australia to encourage a public sense of story-telling ... but when a train station changes it's name to "Southern Cross Station" you wonder whether the story was worth the paper it was printed on ... and the roof is all wonky!

the live music is always top-notch ... and you clap like crazy and drink your cute little "pot" of beer before realising that you know the organist and he went to school with your older brother ... small world ... and that was just the first night in town - highly recommend Tarcutta actually ... mesmerising, intense and a bit of an aural trip ... and Bury the Sound were good stuff too, similar deal.

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